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    Zhejiang Dongjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd?
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    Full-Service CDMO For a global market

    APIs Registration

    Bioequivalence evaluation reference listed formulations importing

    Intermediates and functional chemicals(Imported&Export)?

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    Our Capabilities


    Offices in Shanghai & Hangzhou, China,European office in Warrington, UK,Linking Chinese technical resources


    cGMP plants, Jiangxi & Hebei

    Kilo labs in Shanghai & Hangzhou

    GMP-like plants in Hebei & Shandong


    Shanghai (discovery and process chemistry)Zhejiang (chemicals and processes)

    Our Products
    • Bioorganic and Medicinal
    • Mc-MMAD
    • MMAE
    • MMAF
    • Calcitriol
    • Alfacalcitol
    • Calcipotriol