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    Zhejiang Dongjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd?

    About Us?


    cGMP plants, Jiangxi & Hebei

    Kilo labs in Shanghai & Hangzhou

    GMP-like plants in Hebei & Shandong


    Shanghai (discovery and process chemistry)Zhejiang (chemicals and processes)


    Offices in Shanghai & Hangzhou, China,European office in Warrington, UK,Linking Chinese technical resources

    Be your partner in Chinese Market???
    Your fully integrated Chinese Partner?
    Into China
    What we can do:
       1) Project Marketing Investigation & Strategy in China
       2) Registration in Chinese CFDA 
       3) Sales net link into Chinese market
       4) Reference Formulation sample from Original resources for CFDA BE

    Products range: APIs, intermediates, basic chemical    
                                  Formulation, Healthcare products
    From China
    Product range: 
    - Pharma Intermediates
    - APIs
    - Formulations (OEM)
    CRO & CMO service 
    Chinese Supply chain support (our own QC, QA lab. In Shanghai to assure the stable quality & supply / effective communication)