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    Zhejiang Dongjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd?

    CDMO Service

    Assessment phase
    Laboratory Development
    Laboratory Validation

    Patent research 

    Literature assessment 

    Proposals of potential synthesis routes


    IP verification of proposed synthesis routes 

    Raw materials/intermediates market availability evaluation 

    Cost calculation?

    Batch Record&Manufacturing

    Laboratory verification of synthesis routes 

    Selection of synthesis route for optimization or based on IP assessment and cost calculation 

    Development of purification method 

    Preliminary analytical methods development

    Optimization of chosen synthesis route- technology development 

    Development of analytical methods for product 

    Process laboratory validation 

    Validation of analytical methods 

    Transfer of analytical methods to Quality Control Laboratory 

    Cost calculation and IP assessment

    Transfer to Manufactory 

    Scaling up in Pilot Plant 

    Scaling up in factory 

    Documenting in the batch production records, the facility log, or other documentation system 

    IP control and project confidentiality.

    Meeting customer expectations


    ?DongjianPharma brings many years of experience in the Small Molecule (Including intermediates)development and manufacturing market, where we have considerable experience with a repertoire of chemical reactions and transformations, including but not limited to:

    Chemical reactions and transformations

    >> Hydrogenations 

    >> Oxidations 

    >> Cryogenics 

    >> Friedal-Crafts 

    >> Organometallics 

    >> Amination 

    ?>> Cyanation

    >> Carbonylation 

    >> Diels-Alder 

    >> Acylation 

    >> Phosphorylation 

    >> Bio-Catalysis 

    >> Chiral Synthesis 

    ?>> Halogenation reaction

    >>Being active Project Team Member 


    >>Adequate experience and resource availability

    >>Equipped facility

    >>ICH guidelines Q11 (Development and Manufacture of Drug Substances) and Q9 (Quality Risk Management) compliance 

    >>Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) 

    >>Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 

    ?>>Strictest compliance with Intellectual Property Management